Our Story

My has been in the restaurant service industry from the day they stepped foot into Canada. They want to offer their passion for service and locally sourced ingredients to create fresh food for the ever growing community in Windermere Edmonton. Sweet Basil Vietnamese Kitchen will be the first local Vietnamese kitchen in the neighborhood that the community has been searching for!

The Sweet Basil Mantra

Quality and Freshness First

It all starts with the ingredients. When it comes to choosing what goes into our individually prepared dishes, we believe in only the freshest quality ingredients. Every detail is never looked over to ensure that you are experiencing the best in Vietnamese cuisine.


Secret Family Recipes

For generations, our mothers have always ensured that our family ate together at the dinner table. It was a tradition that we have passed on to our children. As the recipes were passed on from generation to generation, we wanted to share our favourite experiences and flavours with each and every one of you.